About Me

I'm quite fond of this thing called life; the way it's completely spontaneous yet monotonous, the fact of how it is completely random yet one hundred percent probable. I love the cold, the FEELING of being alive. I love the smell of artificial heat, of drying hair, of cold deplete. I exist on Earth as part of the wonderfully absurd human race. I'm in love with the peoples’ faces; of their shapes; of how they are so uniquely theirs; how they can be symmetrical or misshaped or discolored or tanned. The shapes they make, the emotions they uncontrollably express. I love the animals, too. Beautiful, vulnerable beings. True intellectuals. I love mystical things, and realistic things. I love the taste of toothpaste, the coolness it leaves on the braces. I love my hometown; whose heart beats the beat of one hundred different races. I love rainbow shoe-laces. I love Doctor Reid and Doctor Who. I love how your smile (yes, yours) can light up a room. When the inherent absence of light makes your eyes shut tight. I love dancing with Ellen and taking [fully-clothed] baths with Gube. I love the way Sour Patch Kids and Coffee feels on my tongue. I love when a Grandma or a toddler forgets the pun. Of a joke. Or when they forget they can't eat the center of the apple core. I love when Tumblr About Me's turn into something more. And all it took was some inspiration from you, whom of which may think themselves a bore. You’re not.
This blog dedicated to the unprecedented and wonderfully amazing woodlandnisse.tumblr.com , who never ceases to both amaze, infatuate, and infuriate me with the delicacy of her explicit and indefinitive mind, body, and soul. I love you, dearly.

A Quote

‎Boredom is the shriek of unused capacities.
Saul Bellow