About Me

I'm quite fond of this thing called life; the way it's completely spontaneous yet monotonous, the fact of how it is completely random yet one hundred percent probable. I love the cold, the FEELING of being alive. I love the smell of artificial heat, of drying hair, of cold deplete. I exist on Earth as part of the wonderfully absurd human race. I'm in love with the peoples’ faces; of their shapes; of how they are so uniquely theirs; how they can be symmetrical or misshaped or discolored or tanned. The shapes they make, the emotions they uncontrollably express. I love the animals, too. Beautiful, vulnerable beings. True intellectuals. I love mystical things, and realistic things. I love the taste of toothpaste, the coolness it leaves on the braces. I love my hometown; whose heart beats the beat of one hundred different races. I love rainbow shoe-laces. I love Doctor Reid and Doctor Who. I love how your smile (yes, yours) can light up a room. When the inherent absence of light makes your eyes shut tight. I love dancing with Ellen and taking [fully-clothed] baths with Gube. I love the way Sour Patch Kids and Coffee feels on my tongue. I love when a Grandma or a toddler forgets the pun. Of a joke. Or when they forget they can't eat the center of the apple core. I love when Tumblr About Me's turn into something more. And all it took was some inspiration from you, whom of which may think themselves a bore. You’re not.
This blog dedicated to the unprecedented and wonderfully amazing woodlandnisse.tumblr.com , who never ceases to both amaze, infatuate, and infuriate me with the delicacy of her explicit and indefinitive mind, body, and soul. I love you, dearly.


My Optional “Personal Statement” for York College. Opinions?

    “A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” –Oscar Wilde

    The belief behind Mr. Wilde’s accusation was probably the belief that a “dreamer”, or a realist, perhaps, probably can see the darkness in the world around them. Perhaps, he is saying, that they are punished probably because they see the world as it is before his petty optimist and pessimist counterparts. Probably.      

     I am not Oscar Wilde, and I do not intend on pretending to be. However, I believe this one statement summarizes who I am as a person, and what I may become in the future.

    Although I’m sure one vague expression of a personal ideal does not qualify as “a few words about myself”, I do believe “dreamer” is a substantial accuracy in the imperative definition of who I am both mentally, and morally.

    For me, being one who walks by moonlight means witnessing spectacular sights, events, and experiences that I would not have witnessed if my path was illuminated, instead, by the sun. The reason for this being that if you walk with a too bright of a light, you will be blinded to not only the bad things in the world, but also some of the good that comes with it. In contrast, if you were to travel blindly through life in complete darkness, you will see the darkness as everlasting and eternal; refusing to accept any light that may ease your path. Therefore, I am blessed with the gift of walking in between the too-much-good and the too-much-bad; I walk by the moonlight of the world around me. I am happily stationed between optimist and pessimist; I am among the realists.

    Wilde also mentions that the realists’ punishment is that they see the dawn before the rest of the world. In all due respect, I must disagree with the author here. I will not accept that this dawn; a metaphor for reality, is a problem, but a solution. I am one who sees the solution before the rest of the world, and that can never be a punishment.

    You asked for a personal statement, and this is about as far as I may dwell on myself before descending into the dark pit of pretention. However, I will add that being a dreamer is what led me to seek higher education. Personally, I do not believe and am frankly quite disappointed in the action of going to college to obtain a career because of said career’s exceptional pay. For me, striving for a higher education is a direct result of the necessity to stretch your mind until the elasticity of it diminishes; in other words, to stretch your thoughts until they may stretch no more. I believe in letting your thoughts run to every possible solution; thinking rapidly and constantly like a rocket ship stuck on the launching pad. In addition, I am also faithful to the act of participating in life; to take any opportunity that comes my way and making it into gold. Part of this “participation” is visiting the world around me. Many humans see the world country by country. However, we as beings are a part of a large, vast, and ever-growing universe. We are and ought to be defining Humanity as a whole. We are the only known life in the vast scheme of things and that is a pretty spectacular idea. We are not “Americans”, “Asians”, “Africans”; we are all people under the same moon.

    Maybe Mr. Wilde should’ve been more optimistic. He’s done this before with his thoughts on Dorian Gray. However, to disagree, a man that keeps his age locked away is not necessarily a vain monster, but a life enthusiast. Someone who believes in stretching their mind until it can stretch no more.

    I promise to live by my ideals as a dreamer not only throughout my pursuit of higher education, but also the rest of my short life on this planet. I will participate, stretch my ideas, visit the world around me, and walk by the light of the only moon I know.